waterproof shower membrane installation | Best Types in low price 2019

Waterproof membrane is the best option for you to choose from for the building, which is black and white in color and has many unique properties and features, and is usable in all parts of the building, such as swimming pools, roofs, walls and kitchens And the bathroom and the underlying layers of the building.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof membrane?


  1.  Light weight membrane weighs 4 kg per square meter.
  2.  Resistance to heat more than 130 ° C and less than 40 ° C.
  3.  These membranes do not rot and become fragile.
  4. waterproof membranes have full flexibility.
  5.  These insulators are resistant to expansion and contraction due to the polyester layer against potential pressures.
  6. It is quick and easy to install, and it’s also affordable.


  1.  If stored vertically at 5 to 35 ° C, after 6 months, it is corrupted
  2.  Low membrane useful life (5 years)
  3.  When the membrane is restored, the damaged area is raised from other places
  4.  UV radiation decomposition

What do you know about waterproof shower membrane installation? Iranian manufacturers and Sellers Install these products completely free for customers.

waterproof shower membrane installation| Best waterproof membrane with low price 2019

best producers of waterproof membrane

best producers of waterproof membraneWhich are the best membrane waterproof manufacturers?If you asked this question a few years ago, we would tell you that Germany, France and Japan are the best manufacturers of waterproof membranes in the world. And countries like Iran and Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey were importers of this product.

But now the answer is different. We say Iran. Iran is the best and largest producer of waterproof membrane and in addition to supplying the needs of the country exports its products to other countries. Over the past few years, Iran has been able to reduce its imports, despite the problems and external Boycott, and to become self-sufficient in the production of waterproof membranes.

waterproof membrane supply and demand in market

waterproof membrane supply and demand in marketThe supply and demand of these products are high in the market and are the most consumed in the construction industry. But in other industries, they also use this product.

This product is manufactured in different sizes and you can buy it at different sizes. This waterproof membrane is a thermal and acoustic insulation and easily adheres to surfaces of cement and plaster, metal and plastic, glass and ceramics.

Waterproof membrane has several types. Including:

  • Plastic waterproof membrane
  • Rubber membrane
  • Fabric waterproof membrane
  • Tapes and adhesive membranes

is importing waterproof membrane profitable?

is importing waterproof membrane profitable?The answer to this question is negative. Because countries that produce and export waterproof membranes sell this product to other countries at high prices, and the purchasing power for it in the country is low.For this reason, Iran has been producing a high quality product at a much lower price and no longer needs to import this product from other countries. The price of this product is about four dollars, which is half the price of the same foreign.

If you want to help the country’s economy, buy Iran-made products. By purchasing these products, you can reduce the cost of repairing and replacing these membranes. Today, we can now recognize the name of Iran as one of the world’s largest waterproof membrane manufacturers.

most durable kinds of waterproof membrane

most durable kinds of waterproof membraneAll Iranian membranes are durable, but plastic membranes are more resistant than other types.The durability of Iranian waterproof membranes is about fifteen years. Over the past few years Iran has imported these membranes from countries like China.

By purchasing a waterproof membrane, you can fix the surfaces in the kitchen that have fractures and cracks.These membranes are also used to paste glass containers.

These membranes stick on the roof and prevent sunlight.To do this, it is necessary to spread a thin layer of the membrane on the surface and then heat it with heat burners to melt it and fill all the surface cavities.

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