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The Waterproofing Membrane Wholesale also is a moisture insulator used to prevent moisture penetration into any surface and area. The core also is the main component of it. In addition, a wiper is used from a fiber and polyester and an aluminum foil and other polymer materials in its production.
The waterproofing is a moisture insulator used to prevent moisture penetration into any surface and area. The core also is the main component of it.

Waterproofing is widely used in industrial and construction applications, including:

  •  Roofing Insulation: The most commonly also used insulation site for installation on the ceiling of the building
  •  Installation of bodywork bodywork: for walls of parking lots, etc.
  •  Foam flooring installation
  •  Insulation of ponds and water and irrigation canals
  •  Insulation of large housings
  •  Floor and wall insulation of pools
  •  Building insulation
  •  Insulation of water tanks
  •  Air bridges
  •  Class parking
  •  Poultry and livestock
  •  cold stores

Waterproofing Membrane Wholesale based on the appearance of the dowry

  •  Normal waterproofing (with a width of one meter and ten meters rolls)
    This type of insulation is known as the Roly Polyurethane and is made up of various layers and coatings.
  •  Cutting rubbers (ISO)
    This type of insulation is used with special cutaways to insulate roof girders for insulation and beauty.

Brushed rubbers on the basis of covering on it include several categories:

  •  Aluminum-coated rubble:

Extremely large in use in direct sunlight.

  •  Uncoated aluminum foil:

Mostly used for insulation of sanitary wares and so on.

  •  Crushed rubble:

This type of rubble is used in high-traffic areas and. Given the color of it, has a very beautiful visual effect.

  •  One layer of rubble

A layer of bituminous impregnated polyester that can have an aluminum foil layer

  •  Dual layer of rubble:

A layer of polyester is added to a layer of wool glaze to give it more strength. it is then dyed in a bitumen pile and can have a layer of aluminum foil.

  • Three layers of rubble:

In this type of insulation or a layer of wires, a large wire is added to the insulating layer or an additional polyester layer.
The following is a brief overview of the ruber and its alloys, and is a composite of the ruber and its application.

Waterproofing membrane has different prices according to its type

Waterproofing membrane is one of the most important cases for insulation, which is used to prevent moisture penetration into any surface and place. The product also is used in many places where the surface of the roofs of the houses. Or the floor and walls of ponds or pools are from samples It is.

The bitumen also used in the bitumen can be of pure refinery type or petroleum-based furnace type. The production of the best type of rubble should be done using pure bitumen.
Based on the area and type of bitumen, the rubble also is produced in three categories. The best quality of which is plastic membrane for temperate.

  •  Moderate and waterproofing areas (BPP polymer
    In the production of this type of bitumen, pure 60/70 refineries also are used and are of superior quality and more expensive.
  •  Moderate and tropical regions (bitumen oxidized or blown bitumen) BOF
    It is produced by blowing the petrol (Mazut) and its durability is lower than the BPP insulation and is, therefore, cheaper.
  •  BPE cold weathering (elastic polymer coating)
    It is special for cold weather and make with high durability and high flexibility.

Among the factors influencing the price of a rubble, we can mention the following points:

  •  Bitumen and weather fit
  •  The number of layers of insulation (single layer or double layer) of single layer insulation is cheaper than two-layer insulation.
  •  The number of times the implementation of the rubble
  •  Standard and insurant insurance
  •  Coated or uncoated waterproofing
  •  The coefficient of overlapping of the insulation (the size of the coil on the edge of the coil)
  •  Quality of woolen yarns of glass and polyester
  •  Also Geometric shape of the surface and coefficient of insulation

The abovementioned factors also are some of the factors affecting the price of the rubble and other elements. Also affect the price of the rubble produced in factories and companies. As well as the cost of the finished product after installation and operation.

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