Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane with Granular

The application of Bitumen Waterproof Membrane is very high, but in some cases it does not perform well. High sensitivity to heat changes, resulting in a limited service temperature range. Excessive softness at high temperatures, resulting in grooves, low elasticity at low temperatures. And in The result of the thermal cracking. As well as the visco elastic properties of the bitumen cause permanent deformation in the asphalt mixture of bitumen weaknesses.

Application of Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

for this reason, in recent decades, the issue of additives to improve the behavior of Bitumen Waterproof Membrane .
The use of polymeric materials such as SBS and SBR to improve the bitumen behavior will cost a lot to the production cycle. And virtually eliminates the bitumen of polymer and isogam. As the final product from being economical and reduces the interest of the industry.

The research and experiments performed show that:

The internal interaction between the powder and the bitumen causes the rubber powder to absorb the aromatic oils present in the non-inflated. And increase the viscosity and clearly increase the thickness of the rubble.
The powdered rubber in the bitumen reduces the degree of penetration of the bitumen and increases the softness point and elasticity. And as a result, the thermal resistance of the rubble will increase in temperature. And the insulation will have a much higher quality with the same cost price.
How to use powdered rubber from 5 to 10 percent at a temperature of 170 to 180 degrees Celsius. And with a mixing time of 1.5 to 3 hours. Certainly, the manufacturers of insulation will achieve the best use in laboratory conditions.

Factors affecting the price of the rubble

The brand waterproofing is a self-contained insulating material and moisture that is installed in a variety of buildings and their various locations. This insulation actually replaces the traditional style of bitumen that is more durable and durable in terms of installation and durability than the old one. The waterproofing consists of sheets and fibers made of polyester and aluminum or a tile that is joined together in bitumen. The insulating material is also the essence of bitumen insulation in the rubble. This kind of waterproofing and building foundation is used to insulate roofs, pools, irrigation canals, tanks, dams and bridges. Most of the insulating rubbers used in insulation are one of two types of polymer or blown bitumen.

The cost of installing the rubble depends on factors such as the area of work, the type of materials needed, transportation. And transportation, as well as the need for construction and preparation. Each different type of insulation such as single-layer and double-layer tile and polyester. Or aluminum-coated insulation is different in terms of purchase price.

Dimensions and dimensions of the rubble (m²)

The area or actually the area of the space is the first and most important factor in cost estimation. Pricing experts are in meters. The area represents the amount of coating required for insulation, and in this way actually affects the initial purchase cost. The larger the area for the installation of the rubble and the lower the installation cost in the larger area. Usually the vendors also provide the condition and power of the installation and installation of insulation.


The other major cost is the installation and implementation of the Bitumen Waterproof Membrane of the cost of transporting the insulation coatings and other equipment needed to install the site. Usually this cost changes with the customer’s location.The cost of transport will increase. If the work surface has a very high surface area. So that more than one machine is needed to transport the equipment.The cost of the move naturally increases.
Foundation, slope and flooring
The ultimate goal of the ruber is to increase the resistance to moisture penetration. This occurs in places like the roof exposed to raining, with a steep slope of direct contact. Usually, the most important step before installing the insulation is to prepare and tilt properly to the bottom of the wells or drainage gutters.

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