Waterproofing membrane price in India

Waterproofing membrane price is different according to its types. The cost of installing the rubble is calculated in terms of square meters, and given that the insulation is increased during the insulation, Also the cost of insulation is due to the rubble Consumption is calculated.

Isogam is one of the most important cases for insulation, which is used to prevent moisture penetration into any surface and place, Also the product is used in many places where the surface of the roofs of the houses, or the floor and walls of ponds or pools are from samples It is.The price of the rubble in India depends on a number of factors, from its type and its appearance to the materials used in its production on the price of the insulation.

Waterproofing membrane price

Some other factors that affect the Waterproofing membrane price India include:

Bitumen and water profile: BOF, BPP, BPE

  •  Moderate and tropical waterproofing, BPP plastic polymer coating: 60/70 pure bitumen is a premium and refined refinement.
  •  Moderate and tropical rubble, BOF oxidized or blown bitumen: Bottom furnace (Mazut) is produced and its durability and quality is lower than BPP and its price is lower. However, its standard type, in the form of technical specifications on it, is unobtrusive and usable.
  • Cold weathered waterproofing, BPE elastic polymer coating: specially designed for cool, durable, and high-resilient weather.
  • The specimen specimen available on the roller coils in the market is similar to the following. Note the word BPP. Choose the best waterproofing according to the area and climate in which you are located.

Waterproofing membrane price

Number of layers of insulation, single layer or double layer

  •  Single layer laminate: approximately 20% cheaper. Only one layer of polyester. Due to the flexibility of places with irregular geometric shapes, fusion and walls are used. In places with a little waterfall like a kitchen and a roof terrace. It should be noted that if the pressure of the water or the high saturation pressure is high, it is necessary to use two-layer single-layer lining, two-layer laminate or two-handed bilayer insulation to increase resistance.
  •  Two-layer rubble: more expensive. Two layers of tees and polyester. For areas with a large catchment area, the subterranean is used like bath and work like roofing.

Waterproofing membrane price

 The number of execution handsets

  •  Roof: Roofs of rainy areas run in two directions, and in other areas, if the slope of the ceiling exceeds 5%, run smoothly.
  •  Land reclamation and places with water pressure: The number of run-ups on the pondation is related to the peripheral saturation of the soil and in the pool to the depth of the water level.

 Standard and its insurance policy

A 5-year standard insert and quality insurance policy has a higher price tag.

Executive Team Executive Officer

Selection of the number of layers and how to cut it. Its sequence and layout to prevent the water from entering the subsoil. Especially in critical points such as shavers, cores, overhead gates and geometric fractures. Partitioning of the rubble according to the slope of the roof It needs a high degree of flair. And the good performer also has a higher price.

Covered or uncoated

  • Coated rubbers (aluminum foil): To avoid overheating, the insulation uses in areas where the ruber expose to sunlight, such as roofing. (Its price is 5% more expensive than uncovered)
  • Uncoated waterproofing: Used for work, such as bath and kitchen

Waterproofing membrane price

The geometric shape of the surface and coefficient of insulation

The amount of litter square meter is always higher than the area of the floor, such as roof, bathroom or kitchen. (Due to the rubbing of the walls of the house. And the fireplace to a certain level, the roof of the roof and its edge).

Overlap factor

Because of the overlapping of the insulation layers (orelap), the slabs for roofing, high geometry. And the need to run a handful of other insulating materials at critical points, such as shavers. The amount of insulation should be 10 to 15 percent more than the geometric surface of the surface of the insulation, more Be considered .

Thick and polyester quality

The higher the quality and the weight of the fabric used in the surface area for the shawls and polyester. The more suitable for bitumen isogam and the price increases.

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